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Corinne Boureau fancifully pairs her portraits with elements of nature to create works steeped in magical realism. Two people, each having grown antlers, butt heads like rival stags. From the mouths of two other people, sprout branches on which birds perch. When several other individuals open their mouths, birds escape like songs. In other instances, […]

Invited speaker in the congress ‘Spirituality and Sustainability’

http://laszlo-zsolnai.net/content/spirituality-and-business-conference OUR COMMON LIGHT The history of humanity begins in a garden. The garden germinates from an infinitely small seed. This pit contains a wise magic: matter, energy, space and time. ‘ The Dreamtime ’ … That’s what the Aboriginals call the primal blackness, before the Big Bang. Certain dreams are audacious and limitless… The […]